Sunday, June 10, 2018

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Saturday, May 12, 2018

To OAKLEY Classic Frogskins Series for Summer 2018

To OAKLEY Classic Frogskins Series for Summer 2018
When the Frogskins series was first introduced, it was like an obscure little frog. It only needed $40 to get a pair when it was first put on the market. However, the Frogskins that no one cares about at the time just faded after years of baptism. Sentimental clothing has become the focus of people's vision. Facts have proved that once the unknown name is up to now, it is only a matter of time for the stars to hold the moon. The gold always shines. The classic appearance and bold color are destined to become the mainstream of fashion. Since the release, hundreds of color combinations are sufficient. Cheap Oakley Frogskins has secured a place in the fashion scene.
 Fake Oakley Frogskins
Oakley Frogskins Sunglasses

OAKLEY often collaborates with some fashion brands to launch co-branded models. Oakley Frogskins, working with Supreme, boldly uses avant-garde flashes of gold and silver, and the gold (gold) and chrome (silver) fashions are strong, calling them the frog world. The local tyrants are not an exaggeration.
The three co-branded Frogskins use Liberty's Ptolemy pattern design. Frogskins' unique translucent frame highlights the yellow earrings and optical ice lenses.
In 2011, the 15th anniversary of the cooperation of the sunglasses was introduced. The collage of bears in the shape of a building block was a cute frame without any loss of individuality. Then came the cooperation limited edition building block bears, wearing Fake Oakley Frogskins sunglasses, bears OAKLEY logo engraved on the chest in Nagoya, Yokohama, Shibuya and on sale.
It's like a small frog in the iron and steel forest of the city. The iconic cross-eye pattern is like a cross-eye pattern, with a touch of coolness! Like the chameleon, there are two colors: city wall brown and cement gray. It's not exactly what it means to be faint in the city.
OAKLEY has also launched the famous musician & rider Trevor Andrew signature Frogskins. The biggest feature of the glasses is the use of luminous material frames, do not ask why, as long as cool enough!
 Cheap Oakley Frogskins
 Cheap Oakley Frogskins Sunglasses

B1B's design inspiration was inspired by the iconic totem on the motorcycle handlebar. The designer incorporated the symbol of OAKLEY's birth into the most popular Oakley Frogskins and paid tribute to the Heritage Classic!
The Fuel Collection series was inspired by the motorcycle's oil fuel. The designer incorporated the fuel's color into the Fake Oakley Frogskins series. There was a strong and cool locomotive taste, and together they created a trend retro single product to OAKLEY's classic and victory glory. pay tribute.
Frogskins' Surf Collection design is inspired by the sun, waves and sand. All the colors are taken from the crystal colors produced by the sun through the waves, creating a retro personality style to meet the atmosphere of surfing paradise. Bring a cool island breeze to your summer heat.
The original ecology of cheap Oakleys Frogskins was amazingly beautiful, and now the little frog has been counter-attacked into the classic mainstream.

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

The wearing experiences by cheap Fake Oakleys wearers

The wearing experiences by cheap Fake Oakleys wearers
  Sunglasses can be used not only to be cool, but also to allow you to look at everything on the surface.Furthermore,it's also a kind of sunglasses that block the sun's rays. Now let's get a better understanding of cheap knockoff Oakley fashion sunglasses, so we can make more choices in the future.
  Wearing sunglasses always gives a mysterious, elegant, noble and cool feeling, which can block ultraviolet rays.Hence, sunglasses are regarded as the most elegant fashion item, which is popular with more people. Now let's take a look at the Oakley style of sunglasses.
  Firstly:Oakley uses high-grade metal materials to design stylish and dynamic styles while ensuring quality.You will fell so good when you own this sunglasses.Maybe you buy a new pair,you will show off this brand to your best friends!What a great thing!
 Fake Oakleys
Cheap Fake Oakley Sunglasses

  Among them,one of the wearers said: 'Oakley is the favorite thing because the bridge of the nose is built up and it doesn't crush the apple muscle to make a mark.The most important is that their makeup will not whiten, and this type of sunglasses are very large, especially small face.
  Secondly:It is made of corrosion-resistant silica gel, which is very easy to relieve the pressure of nose beam. Vacuum plating, metal coating is not easy to oxidize, and it is never fade!
  Among them,another wears said that the magic of cheap replica Oakley sunglasses is that the wire and plate are fused into the frame, which is very textured. The thin frame is perfect for girls to wear.It is very handsome, the lens is large out of the new height, and is the absolute mask artifact!
  Thirdly:Driving the cheap Oakley sunglasses is a luxury forging process, the whole process of meticulous in place.It is nifty, fashion patterns, cast into an indispensable element in the big fashion brand.Wearing this,it can  present of the true color of human perception perfectly.The frame and frame are fixed by screws. Exquisite workmanship is used to polish each screw, smooth and bright without any blemish.
 Cheap Real Oakleys
 Cheap Real Oakley Sunglasses

  As for me,I think the streamlined design with gold rimmed mirror legs, which is high-end atmosphere.The most important thing is that it is safe to drive early so that there will be no traffic accidents due to reflection.
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Thursday, March 1, 2018

Cheap Fake Oakleys for sale with high quality and best service

 Cheap Fake Oakleys for sale with high quality and best service. Foakley Sunglasses No tax worldwide, Welcome to buy fake Oakley Sunglasses Knockoffs.Oakley, as one of the most famous luxurious brand that selling sunglasses all over the world, has obtained a good reputation from its customers, which has went through the changing wave of the times. But there are still many people who do not know the brand, especially in the developing country. So the popularity of this brand is still need to be explored. Although there is a kind of people who hold the opinion that there is no necessities to expand Oakley to those underdeveloped areas, there has a big market waiting to be found.
 Fake Oakleys
Oakley Snow Goggles

     As for the condition of Oakley selling in the western countries, Oakley could say they are the leading brand among the market of sunglasses, because of their long history and outstanding quality. For many families, Oakley is likely to be their first choice if they want to buy sunglasses. In addition, so many people, especially the upper class, they will ask the designer to generate their unique sunglasses according to their own demand and needs. Not only the Oakley, other brand like Ray Ban, also provide this service. They want to offer the best service for their customers. And this could diversify their products instead of only fixed goods.
     Not only to survive the fierce competition, also to give a good shopping experience for their buyers, they continually put forward a plenty of sunglasses, which are diversified not only in functions, but also in designs. People always could select one kind of sunglasses from their various products to fit with themselves. Therefore, the consumers of Cheap Oakley Sunglasses have a good praise for the quality and the service of it. In addition, it is obvious that their sunglasses are updating with the improvement of the times. They keep putting new elements into the designs of their sunglasses.
 Fake Oakleys
Jamie Anderson White Oakley Goggles

     As a sunglasses company, being an excellent and leading brand does not mean that they are good enough. They need to judge themselves time and time, to find out their drawbacks and keep their assets. The most difficult step to distinguish oneself is to surpass itself, because this is the most tough one and most effective one. So keeping self-communion can help a company step forward and create more and more miracles. The experience that Oakley went through has denote that they were and are a standing growing company. And they have everlasting energy to continue their way of self improvement.
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Thursday, January 18, 2018

2018 Oakley snow mirror series

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Oakley AIRBRAKE XL is designed for consumers looking for large size goggles and quick release lenses, reducing the technical feel but with a smoother design that combines the dimensional advantage with the benefits of the CANOPY Glow Series lens vision , While retaining the AIRBRAKE goggles lens quick change function.

Oakley O MATTER frame material will fit snugly on the face even in extreme cold conditions
Simple frame design to enhance visibility and helmet compatibility
Widened and adjustable silicone anti-slip headband for comfort and safety
Increased lens design to enhance the scope of vision
Oakley SWITCHLOCK technology provides a simple and quick way to replace the lens
PLUTONITE anti-UV lenses filter 100% UVA / UVB / UVC and harmful blue light

Oakley LINE MINER snow mirror series
LINE MINER's cylindrical lens design provides maximum viewing experience. It is closer to the face than the goggles of the past, bringing a wider field of view when looking down and on both sides. This is the only goggles with the new spectral Ray Flame electronic heating lens technology, as well as the standard spectrum sharp lenses to choose from.
Oakley O MATTER frame material will fit snugly on the face even in extreme cold conditions
Hard headband buckles provide head comfort and support
Simple frame design to enhance visibility and helmet compatibility
The fine frame notch at the headband buckle to the frame provides compatibility with the vast majority of optical frames
Increased lens design to enhance the scope of vision
PLUTONITE anti-UV lenses filter 100% UVA / UVB / UVC and harmful blue light
F3 anti-fog coating double ventilation lens can effectively prevent the fog aggregation

Update color
Oakley CROWBAR goggles series
CROWBAR is a versatile goggles, simple style, comfortable to wear, it uses a streamlined frame design, expanding the surrounding visual range.
Wear comfortable: O MATTER Ties with legs durable, comfortable to wear, you can choose whether to use with the helmet
Increase air flow: O-FLOW ARCH allows users to easily breathe, airflow is not limited
Comfortable throughout the day: Three layers of foam plus sweat-absorbent fleece lining ensure comfort throughout the day
Anti-fog: Dual ventilation lenses with F3 anti-fog coating, you can eliminate the fog
PRIZM Spectrum sharp wisdom lens: You can install Oakley PRIZM Spectra wisdom lenses, which clearly distinguish the snow contours, uplift and texture
Oakley Snow Mirror

Oakley FLIGHT DECK snow mirror series
Oakley FLIGHT DECK XM goggles series
The FLIGHT DECK and FLIGHT DECK XM Goggles series are inspired by the helmet goggles worn by fighter pilots to expand the user's field of view by increasing the visual range of the perimeter and underneath. The use of goggles interchangeable lens system, the slope can easily change the lens according to the specific circumstances. FLIGHT DECK XM sights more, and FLIGHT DECK more suitable for women and adolescents.
Comfortable to wear:Oakley O MATTER frames are designed to be flexible and comfortable to the face, unaffected even in extremely cold conditions
Increase Visibility: Low-profile frame design adds visibility and better compatibility with helmets
Compatibility: Compatible with most optical frames
Anti-fog: dual ventilation lens with F2 anti-fog coating, you can eliminate the fog
Oakley A-FRAME goggles series
A-FRAME Goggles Dual air vents on both sides reduce nasal pressure and maximum air resistance, and maintain eyeglass balance during fast skiing. Double lens with F3 ANTI-FOG anti-fog technology to ensure good sight when exercising. A-FRAME Goggles series has been upgraded to ASIAN-FIT design, more fit Asian face, bring comfortable wearing experience.
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